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M.J.'s Estate Sales has many happy clients in the St. Louis Metropolitan area who have shared their stories with us through the years and we try our best to keep this page updated with the latest. I wish we had enough room to tell all of our own stories about how wonderful our clients have been to us.  Each one has agreed to speak with potential clients on our behalf upon request.
Thanks to all of them for sharing!

     The house looked great and Mom was delighted with her check!   Your heads up about the plumbing is greatly appreciated. Your caution and care of a home that we all love was very thoughtful.  You, personally, are a delight to work with and you run a very professional business!  We would recommend you to anyone! I hope we will have a chance to see one another ! Thank you for everything!  Ann, February 2018

Unbelievable what MJ, Tom plus crew did for us on this sale!  Going to sales for many years and I had no idea all the work involved.  They tripled our expectations and were GREAT to work with under  such a short period of time! Al & Kathy, July 2018

Mary Jo, You & your group did an absolutely fabulous job. We sincerely appreciate everything you did. Also, it was very nice to get to know you (& your husband). Good luck with all of your future estate sales & whatever else you decide to 'tackle' in the future. Most sincerely, Mary, August 2017

Dear M.J.
I'm sorry to be so late in writing you but I wanted to thank you for the great job you did. not only financially but it was left so clean and neat. You all are real pros. Thank you, Cedge Barksdale June 2017

Shout out to Mary Jo Hodel and her team of M.J.'s Estate Sale professions, consultants, experts and employees.  Thank you for all of your hard work and effort in helping to find new homes for the Karakas family cherished possessions. Rest assured you can trust M.J. and her team to do what it takes to research, market and sell your entire household.
Equally as important is that M.J.'s services takes the pressure off the family of an otherwise overwhelming task of having to decide where and how to best disperse items is a job I would highly recommend delegating. Margaret Karakas June 2017

MJ, Thanks very much to you and your team for the tremendous job! It was such a relief to have professional, knowledgeable, capable and thoughtful help to setup and conduct our estate sale. Your ability to organize a household full of everything from clothing to books to linens to fine art collected over a lifetime was simply miraculous. Truly the house looked like a wonderful pop-up department store. Your advertisements were enticing, drawing a huge crowd. You managed all the details beautifully- permits, parking, traffic management and of course sales. And when it was over, the house was empty and immaculate and we had a big check!. We could not be more pleased and grateful. I heartily recommend MJ’s Estate Sales. 
Connie Hoffman, Frontenac, MO, September 2016

M.J. Thank you so much for all you've done. The house looked beautiful after the sale and I felt so relieved of all my worries! I no longer have all that stuff hanging over me. You guys all work so hard and you were great. Our real estate agent Tracey Ellis is going to mention you on her radio show and we will recommend you to anyone we know. Thank you so much for all your help. Susan Terschluse, Chesterfield, mo6/2016

M.J. Hope you are recovering from the Mayhem. I can't tell you how thrilled we were with your entire estate sale process. If you want/need a written testimonial or marketing blurb I'll be happy to create one for you.
Lindsay Bush, Ladue 2016​​.

​To anyone who is looking for someone to handle their estate sale I would like to recommend M.J’s Estate Sales. My husband and I recently decided to sell our home and downsize. I interviewed several people and then called a friend whose husband once owned Selkirk Auction House and she recommended Mary Jo because she had worked for Selkirk and my friend, who knew her personally, knew she had be experience in dealing with nice things.  We decided to sell most of what we had accumulated during our last 49 years, so I got in touch with M.J. Best decision ever! Our home sold the first day on the market and M.J. and her crew got to work immediately. They went through everything and consulted us on pricing. Then, organized it and staged it so well, I wanted to keep it all. Needless to say, I did not, but about 98% of it was sold in two days. The little that was left over she helped me dispose of and left our home empty and clean! M.J. posted fabulous pictures of our "Treasures" on her website and everything she, her husband and crew did was very well thought out, and, she was a dream to work with. Suffice it to say, I would recommend her to anybody looking for a true professional. Becky Bardenheier Leigh 4/2016

Thank you for the check, I was surprised by the large amount. You did a beautiful job, I'm really glad I saw it set up before the sale. It was so nice to meet you and your husband and wonderful of you to deliver the chairs to my new apartment. I really appreciate everything you did and will give you a call when I get around to selling my jewelry, I'm still unpacking. Thanks again for all your help and hard work. I'm happy to give you a recommendation whenever you need one. Beverly Martin, Warson Woods, MO 4-2016

Thank you very much for all that you have done with respect to the Chambers Estate. As you stated, it was quite an adventure! We very much appreciate all of your work and you will definitely be the “go to firm” that we will use for any work of this nature. We all know, however, that an estate sale similar to Chambers does not come along very often (will we see another one?) PAULE, CAMAZINE & BLUMENTHAL, P.C.
Donald W. Paule, Attorney, Direct  314-244-3627, 2/2016

​​I cannot say enough good about M.J. and her team! Not only did she organize an exceptionally successful sale, but she was a joy to have in my home all week. She and her team worked tirelessly, and were extremely neat and organized. She went through my items with precision and care, and was respectful of the fact that I was still living in my home. She had a positive attitude every day, despite the piles of stuff she had to sort through. She has extensive knowledge of pricing to sell and she took the time to research the value of items. I would definitely recommend M.J. and her team to do your next sale! Five star experience all the way! Gail Rowland, September 2014

My clients send letters of reccommendation but it's seldom we have a customer send us one but, this one did and I love it so much I asked her permission to publish it without printing her name.

Sep 21 (9 days ago) Hi MJ,  My husband and I live in VA for now but whenever visiting my sister she will suggest some Estate sales to go to. The Town and Country sale was wonderful and everyone was so helpful...great crew! My husband even came on Sunday - and had a good time. His brother has a float for Mardi Gras and the beaded jackets were perfect - he even bought one for himself.  There were several others that I would have loved also.  Her sweater and sweatshirt collection were to "die for". We leave next week, September 28 or 29. I just wanted to tell you "thanks" for a wonderful weekend.
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